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solytuu at 1st Jan 2019, 6:33 AM

TOLD Y'ALL I COULD GET ANOTHER ONE DONE.... last page of 2k18!! WOW it's been a year, especially for improvement. Man... the contrast between the pages I did earlier this year is pretty funky to look at... here's to another year of getting better! Thanks to everyone whose stuck around for the ride so far, and to any new visitors, I hope you'll stick around and I'll see you again soon ^_^ meanwhile LATTI you have known about the concept of spirits for FIVE SECONDS and you are already like WOW! SOUNDS LEGIT! TIME TO DEDICATE MY LIFE TO THIS FIELD

This is probably the last page again for a while. I start my second semester in a week, and I'm planning to apply to get in to an illustration program, which you need a portfolio for, so I really need to be working on that. It's due in roughly a month! Gotta get to work. I hope my art's at the level to get in... the two schools I'm interested in applying to are highly competitive. So as I prioritize that, as well as studying, I'm gonna say End Story is on semi-hiatus! Once portfolio season is done, maybe if I'm lucky I'll have a bit of free time to maybeee work on pages, but then again, that's what I was hoping last semester, and the last page I did took 4 months to complete! Yikes. I'll try really hard though! I have every intention of getting back to comic making as soon as I can. Thanks for supporting me everyone. Luv you! I hope I can chat again soon! :3c



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