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solytuu at 24th Aug 2018, 12:17 PM

howdy y'all itsa me again
school starts on the 4th of september and i am BIG NERVOUS!!!! Meeting new people is super intimating, I'd love to make some friends but I am also what the kids call........ awkward B^) so we'll have to see how that goes!!
meanwhile i've just been working a lot and now my arse has the summer sniffles! RIP
page related, the exposition dump continues and baby Latti's first love is with some dumb globe!!! the smaller text above each city name would be Spirit's Tongue, meanwhile the larger text is just the generally shared human common tongue. At this point in time, human language is just one common shared language.... more or less. There's different dialects that vary from where you are in the world, some of which are so funky they might as well be a different language entirely. "Shared common human language" might be a bit of a stretch. Maybe some day we'll encounter some of those....... hm........ ;) for now we just got generic human speech... and then the definitely absolutely made up vandalism spirit language which is Definitely Fake For Sure. Spirits ha ha what a JOKE am I right

EDIT: OH i forgot, I made a stupid little character quiz for the ES crew.... which character is most like you! it technically contains spoilers, but nothing serious, just general info! If you wanna learn more about characters to come you can take it and see who ends up being most similar in personality to you ;3 if you take it you should definitely come tell me about it and whether or not you think the description results match! ^^



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