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solytuu at 23rd Apr 2018, 1:11 PM

A way out! Of course that was going to happen. Latti is not entirely on board it seems ^_^....

Making comics is... an interesting experience because it's constantly forcing me out of my comfort zone with backgrounds and all kinds of things actually (poses, weird anatomy, expressions, atmosphere)... it's odd to have an idea of an environment and then having to figure out how I'm going to execute it. I want to get to a point in my skills where the environments are recognizable and immersive, and you can sorta just have an overall layout idea of where everything is... if that makes sense... probably not... I wanna have more detailed and refined backgrounding skills but I have trouble getting good footing when I'm constantly drawing new scenes and environments for the first time ever, like all these sewers an what not. a few more pages and we'll be out of the sewer and I'll be face with an entirely different daunting task. It never ends... yeeeesh. I miss drawing the easy peasy high contrast curtains of the psychiatrist's office. I think though my art's improved visibly from the first pages. I hope I can see more art improvement in the next twenty pages too, and so on and so forth. :3c


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